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Harvey Help

In fall 2017 as Hurricane Harvey hit and lingered over Texas, 8,862 students from what were later identified as the impacted counties were enrolled in Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. As the impact of the storm became evident, it became equally evident that intervention would be necessary to help students return to school.  Classes were delayed and faculty and staff were mobilized to meet the needs of our struggling students.  Most students did return to the universities, but many withdrew and even those who did return to their studies have continued to struggle with personal and financial challenges preventing their success. Many of these impacted students were from economically disadvantaged environments, further complicating their recovery.


Nearly a year after Hurricane Harvey a Kaiser Family Foundation/Episcopal Health Foundation survey found that 30% of residents in 24 of the impacted counties indicated their lives remained disrupted. Immigrants living along the Texas Gulf Coast were even more likely than their U.S.-born neighbors to suffer employment and income losses as a result of Hurricane Harvey (64% vs. 39%). 


Similarly, although Texas A&M System universities have found that many of our students are back on track.  However, many are not.  We continue to find needs as students rebuild their lives.


Through a generous grant from the Rebuild Texas Fund and the Qatar Harvey Fund, scholarships will be available to impacted students to underwritetuition & fees, textbooks & supplies, room & board, and general living expenses for those who were negatively impacted after the hurricane impeding their pursuit of a degree. Additionally, student workers who were Hurricane Harvey impacted will be employed to assist with this grant.  


Student eligibility, application review and scholarship administration will be administered by the TAMU-CC Division of Student Engagement and Success. Awards will be given through TAMU-CC Financial Aid for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters to students enrolled at Texas A&M - Corpus Christi. 




 The application for Fall 2019 assistance is now closed.
If funds are available for Spring 2020 assistance, the application will be available here in October 2019.